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Serving Diverse Needs Across Your Organization: Before, During and After

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Are you aware that over 84% of your budgeted spend for video is a sunk cost with little to no ROI?

Are your alternatives only to continue outsourcing to pricey production and event agencies with little to no ability to repurpose, publish and monetize those videos?

What if you had the power to economically AND immediately source the production of video, create a library, collaborate within and outside of the enterprise to customize, publish video, thereby increasing sales leads and having clear ROI for all of your events?

MediaMobz provides both the technology platform and the on-ramp to services to not only produce your videos but to convert them to revenue for a fraction of your current spend.

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MediaMobz offers you the technology to:

  • Simplify event planning through completion
  • Utilize the power of video in all digital marketing efforts before, during and after events
  • Leverage videos from your own library to market across all social media channels
  • Collaborate within and beyond your firewall to revise and publish video for unlimited usage
  • Connect to your audience with mobile, social and content marketing
  • Build your company brand AND your sales funnel
  • Justify and measure ROI of your events