GLX enables business communications stakeholders to transform messaging into compelling video narratives that drive engagement. It's the platform for communicating to the people you know...who need to be in the know.

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Screening Room (SCR)

SCR speeds up time to distribution by enabling diverse groups to efficiently collaborate to view, comment upon and approve video content.

Media Library (LIB)

LIB unlocks creative opportunities by organizing the most up-to-date, approved content and accelerates time to distribution.

MediaMyx (MYX)

MYX provides fast, pro level video editing capability with an ease of use that basic tools don’t offer.

Creative Marketplace (CMP)

CMP provides instant access to several thousand expert, vetted creatives (writers, editors, video producers, shooters, etc.) who are ready to bid on any project.

Insights + (INS)

Because production doesn’t end with distribution: GLX manages SEO, transcription services, social media integrations and analytics via M-Pages.

Brands That Trust Us

The Economist
National Geographic