Engage your customers and employees with personalized and targeted video content. GLX automates workflows and helps teams deliver tailored and repurposed video communications for your target personas. Simple and accessible personalization with AI-augmented video content for all.

Video Content Operations for AI-Personalized Digital Engagement

Increase customer and employee engagement by extending the reach of your existing and fresh video content with workflows and AI that saves budget and drives outcomes. Try for Free GLX, a Cloud-native, Video Content Operations Platform
You're Sitting on a Goldmine

Don't Leave Money On the Table

For months - for some, years - you’ve invested in the creation of lot of video content generated from your events, meetings, product releases, campaigns, and employee and customer communications. Unfortunately, and too often, this represents a lot of one-and-done efforts and content that never sees the light of day, again. That content holds hidden value for those you want to engage with.
Why Video Content Operations

End Stagnation

Video content operations practices break bad habits. They help you shift from ad hoc video creation and dissemination to a practice that resembles those of a video content factory.

Video content operations make systematic the management of your video content, its repurposing, personalization, and activation. It harmonizes the people, processes, and systems essential for mature and effective video-based digital engagement.

Video Content Operations Practices Goals ...

Eliminate bad practices. End video content stagnation.

  • Content strategies that lack focus, well-aligned roles and responsibilities, optimized processes, and devoid of a supporting video content operations system,
  • Ad hoc creation, dissemination, and management of video, and
  • Teams tempted to skip formal operational planning and just start creating video content.

Video Content Operations Practices Deliver ...

Video content operations practices help make more systematic the registration, management, and dissemination of video content for effective digital engagement.

To extract and leverage the information to appropriately personalized for the audience, AI-services and workflow automation services are needed.

Why GLX for Video Content Operations

Drive Engagement

Provide your teams with a simple, accessible and automated creative video content production and tailoring tools, AI-augmented transcripts and data generation, that gives your and your teams the means to deliver on your video content strategies.

GLX drives digital engagement, increases employee and customer retention, and delivers meaningful journeys for the communities you serve. It helps you deliver on your knowledge network vision.

GLX Video Content Operations ...

The GLX Video Content Operations Platform delivers value.

  • Increased digital engagement,
  • Improved effectiveness in knowledge transfer to individuals and communities,
  • Improved continuity and increases of the longevity of the information being conveyed,
  • Replaced ad hoc rich media workflows, and
  • Amplified the meaning and reach of the messages being conveyed
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A Lack of a Video Content Operations Strategy ...

A lack of a robust video content operations platform and practices makes your strategy susceptible to underperforming.

  • Hundreds of events and presentation video can lay dormant on hosting platforms with no strategy to get more from the investment to create these,
  • Engagements like events are too often one-and-done,
  • After the event ends the team moves on to another project and nothing keeps the event’s rich conversations alive, and
  • Video solutions intended to accelerate e-commerce and business outcomes are underutilized and underperform on the mission they have been deployed for.
AI-Personalized Video Content Operations

Meet GLX

The GLX Video Content Factory, the GLX Screening Room, and the GLX Studio services offer a video authoring and editing environment that empowers media professionals and teams with simple, streamlined and collaborative tools to create, repurpose, personalize, and publish video content.

Offer simple and accessible tools your teams and creative users use to personalize and deliver AI-augmented video content. Help them deliver new, repurposed and tailored video communications to your customers, employees, and communities.

Engage your customers and employees with personalized and targeted video content.

GLX Video Content Factory

Automation workflows, and rich media content registration, sharing and publishing

GLX Screening Room

Collaboration and release management workflows

GLX Studio

Integrated video authoring and editing environment with AI-personalization

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