GLX enables business communications stakeholders to transform messaging into compelling video narratives that drive engagement. It's the platform for communicating to the people you know...who need to be in the know.

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"One of the main ingredients needed to ensure that information comes from the right source, is timely, and reaches all employees is a well defined but flexible and fast editing process with a short approval chain up and down the hierarchy."

- Staffbase

Who Uses GreenLightXpress?

Internal Comms

With the rise of social media and costly turnover, key stakeholders (HR, IC) know the value of internal comms has never been higher.

Higher Education Comms

Maximize the value of unused video footage (from individual classes, events and conferences, staff meetings, faculty presentations, and fundraising activities).

Public Relations

Marketing communications personnel who are responsible for the creation and dissemination of clear, precise messaging.


Event Producers looking to better leverage hundreds of hours of captured content to create better experiences before and after conferences of all sizes.

How GLX Helps

Save Money

GLX maximizes the value of your video assets and creates production and distribution efficiencies. Our goal is to help you generate more engagement...faster and more cost effectively.

Save Time

Whether it’s in the approval process (Screening Room), or with features like our innovative Transcript Editing System (MediaMyx), GLX is designed to create an easier and faster communications flow.

Generate Revenue

The faster messaging can be distributed to key audiences, the faster the resulting revenue potential. GLX customers use our m-page features to produce and distribute customer testimonials as the focal point of their business development efforts.

Open Creative Opportunities

The GLX features create new opportunities for video assets. We can show you how your video conference calls are an untapped resource for internal messaging and video communications marketing.

GLX Features


MYX provides fast, pro-level editing capabilities to quickly clip files, add b-roll, music and more, as well as innovative features like our Transcript Editing System (that you’ll quickly wonder how you ever lived without).

Screening Room

Waiting for approvals notoriously slows down any communications process. SCR eliminates this frustration by enabling diverse groups to efficiently collaborate to view, comment upon and approve content more quickly.

Media Library

LIB unlocks communications opportunities by organizing the most up-to-date, approved content into an efficient database of all of your video assets, which in combination with MYX and SCR creates speed and efficiency.

Creative Marketplace

As a value-add, the CMP provides instant access to several thousand expert, vetted creatives (writers, editors, video producers, shooters, etc.) who are ready to bid on any project.

Brands That Trust Us

The Economist
National Geographic