Streamlining Success with GLX

With our integrated suite of tools and features, you gain the ultimate advantage in enhancing frontline teams, boosting employee engagement, deepening enablement, and captivating customers during product launches and the myriad of releases that follow. Take your product management, marketing, and sales strategies to new heights, and witness the transformation of your field sales and customer support teams as they excel in their roles.

A Game-Changing Platform for Streamlining Product Enablement with Frontline Teams

Streamlined Product Enablement & Communications

Product launches and releases are critically important milestones to a company’s success requiring effective enablement content and multi-stakeholder communication strategies. This success relies heavily on the preparedness of field sales and customer support teams. These teams are the frontline ambassadors of your brand, responsible for creating and maintaining positive customer experiences. Additionally, channel partners, resellers and the partner ecosystem carry a distinct set of additional complexities, often introducing additional enablement and communication challenges.
Your GLX Solution

For Streamlined Product Enablement and Communications

As product managers, product marketing managers, sales and enablement leaders, it's essential to ensure frontline teams have a clear understanding of your products and can effectively communicate your message to customers. To ensure their success, organizations must provide them with the tools and resources necessary to sell and support new products effectively.

GLX provides product managers, product marketing managers, and sales leaders with integrated tools and features for story and content creation, management, and sharing. The GLX platform revolutionizes the product enablement and communications process by harnessing through AI short-form videos and extending the power of organizational storytelling to a wide range of product launch and product enablement stakeholders. This produces enhanced frontline teams, highly engaged employees, and stronger customer engagement with your product. All while improving the performance of field sales and customer support teams in their roles.

One of GLX's standout features is its suite of built-in content creation and curation tools. The platform supports a wide range of content formats, including video, image, audio, and text, providing flexibility in crafting engaging content tailored to your organization's needs and audience preferences. The built-in editing tools make it easy to refine your content, ensuring it's polished and professional before sharing on channels and playlists. Collaborative reviews allow teams to make continuous assessments of product content, curate, and identity improvements and additional content that support upcoming product releases.

The versatility of built-in editing and collaboration tools allows launch teams to create diverse content that caters to the unique preferences and needs of field sales and customer support personnel. GLX capabilities allow teams to develop customized, engaging materials of all types that effectively convey product information, enhancements, and a whole product story ensuring that team members are well-prepared to address customer inquiries and needs that drive product adoption and success.

GLX's intuitive interface makes it easy for users to create, manage, and share highly targeted product related content without any technical expertise using Media Library or via Publishing. The platform is designed to facilitate collaboration, allowing your team to work together efficiently, ensure that your content is of the highest quality, and delivered in a timely manner and at low cost.

By leveraging the platform's intuitive interface and robust content creation suite, users supporting product development, product release and product enablement programs can easily craft and share engaging narratives tailored to their audience’s needs: frontline teams that need it to learn about your product and easily incorporated content into their sales and support processes.

GLX excels in facilitating seamless collaboration among team members working in a workspace. The platform offers capabilities to invite collaborators, post messages, and request and carry out collaborative content reviews. Collaborators are kept informed of updates and progress with integrations with popular communication tools like email, Microsoft Teams and Slack further enhancing collaboration and communication. GLX provides comprehensive review capabilities with a screening room, including commenting, version management, reminders, and the ability to oversee and track the review process until content is ready for release. This enables organizations to refine their content, ensuring it effectively engages team members and drives better outcomes.

Communications and collaboration between team members ensures that all teams are aligned regarding the product's features, target audience, and launch program. This alignment helps avoid ineffective product launches caused by inadequate communication. It ensures that content is efficiently shared and communicated with frontline teams and easily incorporated into their sales and support processes.  GLX fosters seamless collaboration, ensuring that product-related content meets the highest quality standards.

GLX's Media Library allows you to stage, organize, and manage your content videos, images, audio, and text assets and versions efficiently. The use of folders, tags, versions, and AI-generated annotations ensures that your content library gets and remains organized and easily accessible for future reference by all.

This level of organization is particularly beneficial for organizations with multiple products and teams promoting discovery of existing content that can be used to easily craft and repurpose engaging narratives tailored to their organization's specific needs and audience preferences.

AI Makes It Easy

AI is used to make things easy. AI extracts from the spoken word what was said, speakers, topics, keywords and more, unlocking the information nuggets out of your video and audio assets. AI reduces the effort of cataloging your content and improves searchability of the stories you need to promote and repurposed for your audiences with automated annotations, categorizations and tagging. AI helps you generate new stories and content.

Game Changing

GLX is the game-changing platform that revolutionizes communication for product managers, product marketing managers, and sales leaders. With seamless content creation, organization, and sharing, GLX empowers frontline teams, amplifies product launches, and boosts customer and employee engagement through captivating video content. Say goodbye to communication barriers and unlock your organization's full potential with GLX.