Organizational Storytelling

Efficient story content management and sharing

Unlock your organization's storytelling potential and experience the powerful combination of GLX and AI to create, manage, and share stories that engage and captivate audiences across your organization and beyond. Discover these groundbreaking GLX capabilities that will elevate your content and storytelling strategy.

AI That Extends the Voice of Everyone

By incorporating GLX’s AI-powered transcription and captioning, translation services can automatically generate captions, subtitles, and translated content, making videos more accessible to a broader audience, and ensuring compliance with accessibility standards. Whether you’re a small business or a large enterprise, GLX’s scalable features can accommodate your unique content needs. Elevate your organizational storytelling with the help of GLX and its AI-driven capabilities. Experience the benefits of a comprehensive, user-friendly platform designed to streamline content management, collaboration, and sharing.

AI for Information Analysis and Generation

AI can also be used to automatically analyzes and extracts topics, keywords, and other valuable information, revealing hidden gems within your video and audio assets. This reduces the effort required for cataloging content and improves the searchability of stories that can be promoted and repurposed for various audiences through automated annotations, categorizations, and tagging.  These features improve content discovery, drive recommendations, and make it easier for users to find and access relevant content, ultimately expanding the narrative's reach.

AI for Content Generation

AI assists in generating new stories and personalized content. Generative AI can create scripts from existing video and audio assets and tailor these to your target audience's voice and interests, resulting in customized video and audio content that resonates with them.  This enables organizations to adapt their narratives for specific groups or individuals, boosting engagement and overall effectiveness.