Leverage The GLX Creative Marketplace to Expand Your Capacity and Capabilities

MediaMobz’s GLX offers a Creative Marketplace that hosts 1000’s of creatives across the globe who vie for your business in a competitive bidding process. This yields faster, farther and more affordable productions that typically saves 40% compared to other available options.

The Creative Marketplace offers an alternative to creative agencies to satisfy your video production needs.


  • Automated, competitive bidding process
  • Algorithmic producer search (work product, skill, geography…)
  • Vendor management (our network; your network)
  • Creative and Customer ratings and reviews
  • MediaMobz rated, certified
  • Electronic handshake, production agreement


  • Balances quality and cost
  • Global footprint (all continents, most countries)
  • Competitive bidding
  • One-stop shop, reduces time to find resources