Collaboration brings together diverse inputs for better outcomes and streamlined workflow delivers those outcomes faster to market where engagement data is gathered and reported. Companies with highly effective communications practices see 47% higher returns to their shareholders. (Towers Watson). Effective internal communication leads to a 40% increase in customer satisfaction, a 30% increase in profitability, and a 36% increase in the overall performance of a company. For every $1 billion spent on projects, $75 million is put at risk by poor communication. (Project Management Institute).

LIB unlocks communications opportunities by organizing the most up-to-date, approved content into an efficient database of all of your video assets, which in combination with MYX and SCR creates speed and efficiency.

Nearly 95% of Internal Communications professionals think video is essential. Up to 93% of all communication is non-verbal (Melcrum). “The role of video will grow dramatically, including Netflix-style, on-demand video sites that employees can access whenever and wherever they want.” (PRSA). 68% of Millennials would turn down jobs where remote work is not possible and 96% said that the use of video (click here for web conferencing and other technology) improves productivity, more info at

Technology Stack

MediaMobz offers you the technology to:

  • Provide your customers a solution to all their video needs (events, campaigns etc.)
  • Utilize the power of video in all your digital marketing efforts as well as offer this to your customer base
  • Leverage videos from your own library to market across all social media channels
  • Collaborate within and beyond your firewall to revise and publish video for unlimited usage
  • Build your agency’s brand AND your prospect base
  • Measure ROI and margin for every project, every customer