The GLX Video Content Operations Platform Cloud software as a service (SaaS) offers customers a set of content factory and application services from which to pick from.

  • GLX Video Content Factory Service – Automation workflows, and content registration, sharing and publishing services,
  • GLX Screening Room – Collaboration and release management workflows,
  • GLX Studio – An integrated video authoring and editing environment with AI-personalization.

When used together the GLX Video Content Factory Service, the GLX Screening Room, and the GLX Studio provide a video authoring and editing environment that empowers content professionals to simplify, streamline and collaborate to create, repurpose, and share video content with less effort and an increased pace of delivery. The service helps video content teams collaboratively produce, extract, and convey information, and distribute quality content that delivers meaningful and targeted video content for their intended audiences.

GLX video workflows simplify and streamlines work and reduces the effort of creating, maintaining, and distributing video content, saving time which increases the rate of delivery of new and repurposed content.

Content professionals get the ability to organize and distribute video content to establish, raise awareness of the products and communities they support, and better aligned to sales and the digital touch points.

GLX simplifies and streamlines the work of creative users and reduces the effort to interact and coordinate with clients, saving time and increasing the pace of interaction and delivery of new and repurposed content.

GLX provides insights into the effectiveness of content for engagement and conversion well beyond today’s measure of viewership.

For teams that produce updates for an upcoming launch, the right content is updated and created with significant ease. Quality is increased, and time spent to activate the content is used efficiently. GLX’s distribution capabilities accelerates the ability to create landing pages for gated content and helps the auto generation of SEO and related metadata. It also delivers content to distribution platforms.

The coordination of activity is greatly simplified by employing a team-based approach to content management using the GLX Content Factory Service. Users collaborate via reviews, recorded meetings, and tracking is enhanced, as is visibility. By leveraging GLX stakeholders are provided a video editing and production experience that helps ensure consistency of style and form, something that can be assessed through a screening room review process.

Driving alignment within the organization with clear and effective communication using video achieves the ability to create top-down communication, helps keeps everyone abreast of new products, updates, and product retirements, and share competitive and best practices for defending against competitors, and positioning products. A well informed and aligned organization drives revenue – made possible by a platform that allows non-video production staff to produce quality content at the scale needed by the organization.

Use of the GLX Video Content Factory Service increases business outcomes and improves customer and employee engagement. It makes it less expensive to achieve what is done today leaving more room to expand the business. Teams are better aligned around key objectives and the narrative that moves and engages their target audience, longer term augmented resources to get more done.

GLX services help enterprises automate content strategies that drive increased employee and customer retention, reduces churn, and delivers meaningful customer journeys for individuals, teams, and enterprises. Customers benefit from the AI-personalization and automation that disintermediate the functions that have traditionally been carried out by marketing and communications agencies that create unnecessary bottlenecks and cost barriers.

A lack of a systematic approach to content operations results in:

  • A lack of insight into how content is used,
  • A lack of engaging content,
  • Content that tends to focus on style rather than substance,
  • It is difficult to measure its value,
  • Teams lack clear prioritization and focus, and
  • Content takes too long to create and disseminate.

GLX Video Content Operations Platform services deliver value. These:

  • Increase digital engagement,
  • Enable effective knowledge transfer to individuals and communities,
  • Improve continuity and increase the longevity of the information being conveyed,
  • Replace ad hoc rich media workflows,
  • Amplify the meaning and reach of the messages being conveyed.