For the last two decades, a robust online presence has been a virtual necessity for businesses. In 2020, as we face a coronavirus pandemic, even small businesses that once relied on foot traffic and word-of-mouth are moving more of their operations online.

In the end, whether it is online or in person, every business should be concerned with engaging their customers. Engaging your customers virtually is a unique challenge, but you can employ proven tactics and strategies. Here are five best practices you can incorporate to increase your customer engagement virtually:

  1. Spend Time Face-to-Face With Virtual Meetings
    Have you been forced to cancel meetings with prospects or clients because of safety concerns? You can still create an opportunity for face-to-face engagement using FaceTime, Zoom, or another video meeting platform. Rather than merely canceling meetings, why not ask your client if they are willing to meet in a virtual, video format?  (Link to helpful information at the bottom.)
  2. Increase Investments in Targeted Digital Channels like Ads
    This year, companies are spending much less on events. Don’t just put this money aside; invest it in digital advertising. People are spending more time online these days. Targeted ads through web searches and social media can be more useful than ever at delivering potential leads.
  3. Everybody Wants Quality Content
    Too many companies that focus on creating quality products and delivering quality service fall short at creating quality content. When your website or social media feeds feature content that is less than stellar, it could be costing you customers. Before you click post, do a little market research to determine the kind of content that engages your desired audience. When you target the right audience with the right content, it doesn’t even feel like marketing; in fact, your customers may even look forward to interacting with you
  4. Look into Live Streaming
    If you want to engage with someone personally, one of the best things you can do is share a story with them. Stories reach people at the most basic level. Live streaming is a great way to share your story with your audience. Keep it short, keep it sincere, and your customers will enjoy your live streams.
  5. Focus on Real-Time Engagement
    Digital advertising and video are excellent tools for engaging with your customers, but nothing beats real-time interaction. Real-time interaction is the best way to build a strong relationship with your customers and ultimately create a community based on your brand.  (Link to helpful information at the bottom.)

We may not be able to interact with our customers in person quite the way we are used to, but we live in extraordinary times. We have incredible technology that allows us to interact virtually with customers and prospects from nearly any place on Earth. Your competition is looking for opportunities to interact with your customers; using the available tools to build and maintain your relationship with your customers is more critical than ever.

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