Seldom does the complete corporate world undergo such dramatic change as it has since the pandemic. Companies have had to make changes in every aspect of their operations, and branding and marketing endeavors have transformed as a result of this shift. One important factor to consider as you begin preparing your marketing and communications efforts for the coming year is consumer engagement, which applies to both your digital services and your events.

Consider your audience engagement tactics as you develop your 2022 Marketing Communications Plan. Assess and evaluate your engagement over the last year, and look at some things you might be able to do differently to improve.

Here are the best techniques to enhance audience engagement in 2022.

User-Generated Content

Sharing social media content created by other users is an excellent method of presenting your company to gain exposure. This might be in the form of a re-tweet in which you can link the story to your company or reposting a picture or video of a client (with permission) who has recently acquired and discussed your product.

Industry News

Industry news posts create excellent content on social media for your company. You can share the most recent relevant news about your company on your newsfeed. This could include posting a photo of your team, adding a new product launch, or praising a new recruit.

This type of media content is essential for Twitter, where most users are searching for headline news. Some of your company partners may have just announced some huge news, so build that relation by sharing it – new news attracts a lot more attention.


Create a competition or giveaway and invite your social media audience to participate. Not only will it help you get new fans, but it is also an excellent method to reward your current followers on social media.

Furthermore, it aids in increasing engagement and subscribers or views for your page. However, before you begin, make sure to specify the regulations for participation in the contest and to respect any laws that may exist in your region.

Business Achievements

Your social media followers would enjoy seeing and learning about your company's accomplishments. So, share your achievements or successes in posts on social media and include them in your celebration. Tell your audience if you have obtained a certain volume of sales or customers, or if you have won an award.

If you own a major, publicly-traded firm, your social media following may be interested in how you are doing economically. You can supplement your earnings page with an interesting video or image. This way, you'll be able to demonstrate your company's financial success.

Solicit Customer Feedback

If you're unsure whether your target audience will react positively or adversely to your product, poll them. Furthermore, if you have received a large number of reviews and comments, you can share the news on social media to help potential customers establish trust and respect.

Feedback from customers is also critical for ongoing improvement. Listen to what your consumers have to say, both good and bad, and take advantage of any opportunities for improvement that arise. You can even discuss how you enhanced your business as a result of consumer feedback and offer credit to that customer.

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