Regardless of the niche your business falls into, you can bet that your target audience will be active on social media sites like Facebook. Since we live in the digital era, accessing the Internet is easier than ever before. This gives you an opportunity to capitalize on the power of online video for marketing purposes. Tablets, smartphones, laptops – the range of devices being used for Internet access is growing, as well as the number of people surfing the web. In fact, 96% of people go online to browse and acquire products and services sold by brands. 

Although there are many different marketing options that may work for your brand, video marketing campaigns are increasing in popularity. Big brands such as Android, Always, and GoPro are integrating visual into their promotional efforts. Not to worry if you aren’t quite sure how to effectively attract and retain attention with video, however because we are about to enlighten you.

Tips to Build Trust with Video

If your customers do not trust you, how can you expect them to buy something from you? If a picture says a thousand words, just imagine how much you can educate your audience with a video! When a viewer discovers that you are trying to benefit them in some way with the content you upload, they will consider your brand to be trustworthy. When you earn their trust, they will be loyal to you and recommend your company, whether it is with word-of-mouth referrals or by sharing the video content.

Here’s how you can accomplish the task of building trust with video marketing:

  1. Solve a Problem – Identify a problem that your target audience might be dealing with and provide them with a solution. The solution might be the product/service you are selling, or it could be a simple list of tips presented in video format.
  2. Regularly Upload Content – Frequent uploads will not only make the viewer(s) trust you more but also, regular and fresh content will encourage people to like, share, and comment on your videos.
  3. Introduce Members of the Team – It’s always nice to see the faces behind the brand. A question and answer (Q&A) session hosted by you or another member of the team will engage your audience and allow them to connect with your brand on a more personal level.
  4. Tell a Story – A storytelling approach is always handy when it comes to marketing with video. Tell your brand story and be sure to evoke emotion when doing so.

Methods for Online Video Promotion

There are a number of video sharing platforms out there nowadays and the one(s) you choose depends on what video functions are important to you. Some of the main places where you can promote video include:

  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • Snapchat
  • Google+
  • Pinterest
  • Twitter

You can develop a consistent brand if you share video content across all of these marketing platforms. Remember to make use of hashtags and find out what is trending to get an idea of which hashtags attract the most viewers. Search engine optimization (SEO) techniques will also help customers find your video.


Online video marketing, when done properly, can boost your search rankings, increase sales and return on investment (ROI), and broaden your brand awareness. If you take the time to build brand influence status with video, you could even go viral! Remember that quality is important and so, you should consider investing in recording equipment that produces high quality videos.