We’ve recently heard countless stories (some with entertaining language) that prove the approval process to be the most dreaded component in content marketing production and distribution. One client told us, “Our process is so complicated it keeps us from actually starting in the first place.”

Can you imagine? Getting approvals is simply so complicated it kills the creative cycle before it even begins. I find this crazy. But it’s also why other stories we’ve heard aren’t surprising:

“We’ve learned that sending large files is a pain and made worse by multiple (read: wrong) versions crossing each other in email.”

” We’ve been told that managing multiple stakeholders with differing opinions is “life shortening.”

“We’ve laughed (or was it cried?) over the story about an approval that got lost in email and resulted in the near firing of our client.”

It shouldn’t be like this!

Content production should be a time of collaboration, best-foot-forward thinking and celebration. Creating messaging for your audiences should be fun. Today’s media landscape, while cluttered and difficult to navigate, provides tremendous opportunities. It informs, educates and yes, even sells. It delivers emotion.

Let us help you get through it.