According to a recent study, nearly half of US marketing professionals surveyed are now curating content as part of their strategy, and another 42% are familiar with the practice but not participating. Even among that group, 85% had done at least some content curation. If you ever pass around some interested content via email or shared a post, then you’re doing content curation. The main objectives of content curation survey were establishing thought leadership and improving brand buzz.

If brands don’t embed themselves in this process, they will be drowned out by the ones who master the industry voice. For brands to successfully make this transition, let’s learn from successful process:

  • Deliver compelling content and engage with customers while fostering trust
  • Create communities that promote two-way communication between your brand and consumers, as well as between consumers
  • Derive an understanding of customer needs and behaviors
  • Understand what is trending and why – feed other content creates thought leadership
  • Leverage trending content within your feed simplifies the curation process
  • The primary challenge is creating ongoing compelling content, while discovering and managing the deluge of information. The long-term trend for brands to become media is now very much a reality. Publishers and agencies must find their mojo in this fast growing space. Brands that listen and participate are able to make offering adjustments and therefore position with the communities’ involvement, while simultaneously attracting new followers due to the nature of how the feeds work. That is customer relationship management in action.