So many say we need to communicate better, mostly when you consider the hurdles to have someone act on the communication or call to action. Some say it takes 7 times of repeating or using several ways to convey a message for it to stick and have effect.



An executive leadership coach at Electronic Arts framed this well:

1. First touch: how do I hear this for the first time if it even cut through the noise?

2. The second: I hear the communication and need to decide if it is important.

3. The third: I consider what it means to my existing priorities and what it means to those around me.

4. The fourth: I need to decide if I am willing to drop something from my priority list to do something about it.

5. The fifth: I need to scope and define the results I chose to deliver.

6. The sixth: I need to figure out what to communicate and understand this new responsibility if I’m to do something about it.

7. The seventh: is how to communicate my story to those around me to get buy-in, have impact, and ultimately, enjoy the process.

If you start here, you will unpack the steps you must take to encourage engagement and adoption of your communications. It is not easy.

We’re working to apply this to product launch content readiness. We’d like to explore with you how we can help you extend your reach to increase sales and market share like the masters.

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