Marketers hear the message loud and clear, all the time: “You should be using visual content for brand building – people like images and video more than text.” The real challenge lies in picking out the right visual material that will do the most for your brand, which is quite different from the goals of lead generation or driving website traffic. If your objective is to raise awareness about your company via its brand, here are the types of visual content you should be creating right now.

E-card Quotes: E-cards work well because you can present a consistent, branded theme for each one, but use a different quote to deliver your message. Get creative with the palette and aesthetics, and make sure to include your company’s logo – just don’t splash it all over the card. The message should be just one sentence, under 15 words or so.

Images: Photos are attention-grabbing and one of the most versatile forms of imagery. Plus, the cost is low: All you need is a camera to start posting on blog content, social media, your website and other channels. Images capture the most likes, shares and comments as compared to other types of content on Facebook – beating out text, video and links.

Infographics: Your target audience loves infographics that show them how statistics and comparisons relate to a particular topic. In addition, they make complex subject matter a lot easier to digest for the reader. This enables you to condense a lot of information into one graphic and take advantage of much range on how you present it. And the numbers don’t lie: Businesses who use infographics credit them with 12% more profit as compared to those who don’t.

Videos: Visual content includes video, which can accomplish a lot for your branding efforts. Your prospects love video and the number of people watching this content everyday has skyrocketed in recent years. Today, YouTube is the second most-used search engine and video is among the top shared content on social media. You can say a lot and reinforce the imagery of your brand in a relatively short amount of time.

How-to’s & Best Practices: People are always looking for ways to make their personal or professional lives easier, so they seek out how-to and best practices content. But when you take these formats and add visuals, prospects even more drawn to your brand. You can tell them how to do something – or you can show them. They’d rather see the concepts in action that try to visualize them.

Polls & Questions: Creating a visual representation of a poll you’ve taken or question you’ve asked on social media draws your target audience in because they want to see what their peers are saying about a particular topic. Both of these options are even more attractive to people who have participated by providing a response, so make sure you let them know that you’ll be posting results.

These types of visual content are highly effective for brand building because the imagery encourages engagement, leading your target audience to make the connection between your company and the message. Clearly, consistently establishing that association is what branding is all about.