Engaging attendees is key for a successful event. From the moment attendees check in at the front desk to the final minutes they spend at the last presentation, participants should be fully engaged with the content or activity at hand. Video is a powerful tool to boost engagement in virtually every aspect of an event. The following details just a few ways to use video to engage event attendees at your next conference or other professional event.

Introduce key note speakers

Using a brief video to introduce a key note speaker is a fun way to set the tone for the speech while creating hype for the content ahead. For example, if the speaker is a laid back, family guy, keep the tone of the video casual, and make sure to include a few pictures of the speaker at home with his wife and kids. If you choose to use photo introductions, avoid using too many inside jokes and making remarks that may be deemed offensive.

Demonstrate products

Why tell an audience about your product when you can show it? You may spend a half an hour detailing the varying uses for a new product when you can simply show the product’s uses around the home in a three minute video. Prepare video ahead of time for presenters to use during the talks and sessions and for salesmen to use on the show floor. Generally the show floor videos should be shorter than the session videos, driving home what you’ll selling in a matter of seconds.

Keep attendees updated

Popular video apps, such as Instagram and Vine, make it simple to share 15 or 30 second shots with the latest show floor news and trends at the event. Think about creating a one minute highlight reel at the end of each day to sum up the key happenings. If attendees missed certain sessions or weren’t able to browse the entire show floor, they’ll still get a taste of the most important moments from the day.

Capture real-time footage during social gatherings

One of the best aspects of attending a conference is the social gatherings. You’ll create lasting memories and friendships with fellow attendees as you kick back and relax over appetizers and drinks. People love seeing themselves on camera and will often join in the fun, pulling out their own phones to record footage along with the event staff. Share your real-time footage on social media to generate even more buzz for your event.

Encourage interaction

Many attendees take photos and video during an event to record favorite moments. Make it simple and straightforward for attendees to share their visual content with one another by creating and promoting an event hashtag (i.e. #ChicagoCMC2016). Display the hashtag prominently around the conference. Then throughout the event, share photo and video content attendees post using the hashtag, such as in the hallways in between sessions or at an evening social get together. Award prizes for the best event content.

As video becomes a bigger and bigger part of our everyday lives, it becomes more important in the promotion, planning, and distribution of event content. Using video appropriately and effectively in events heightens attendee engagement, maximizing the reach of the event and driving higher attendance numbers for future events.