If you want to create truly engaging content, it is hard to argue with the power of video. Using video, you can convey messages and concepts that would take multiple pages of text in just a few minutes. If you want to engage with the guests at your next event, video could be the medium you need.

How do you go about incorporating video into your events? The options are virtually unlimited. It can all be a bit overwhelming to a newcomer.

Building Your Comprehensive Video Strategy

There are hundreds of tools to choose from. Your choice is governed by what you hope to accomplish with your video content, your expertise and your budget. With all of the tools to choose from, how can you put together a cohesive plan to capture, edit and distribute video? We have a few suggestions:

  1. Make your videos fit your brand.

Can you describe your brand in a single word or phrase? Words like reliable, playful, tradition, experience, fun, innovation and many others could apply. However you describe your brand, your videos should reflect your values. Think of video as a way to make a first impression. Your videos should reflect who you are and what your brand stands for.

  1. Use video to support your social media initiatives.

Social media has never been more important to business. Video has never been more important to social media. If you hope to engage your followers on social media, video should be a primary element of your strategy.

Use video on social media to show people why they should attend your event. Use it to promote the issues you care about. You can use the power of video to make your brand stand out. When you use video, your posts are more likely to be shared, and your opportunity for engagement grows.

  1. Use real-time updates to build engagement with your audience.

Just because someone misses your event, should she or he be left out of your audience? Common sense seems to say yes, but technology says no. With real-time video updates, your online audience can remain just as engaged as your in-person audience. Popular video apps like Instagram and Vine specialize in this short-video form, but other social media platforms are catching up quickly.

  1. Always tell a story.

Since the earliest days of humanity, storytelling has been an essential part of relationships. Without storytelling, it is possible that society itself would not exist. Putting a bunch of short video clips from your event together and calling it done should not be acceptable. No matter what the topic is, find a way to build a story around it.

The heart of storytelling is simple; set the scene, build some tension, then offer a conclusion. You can tie up loose ends for leave them open to interpretation; the choice is yours.

The power of video cannot be denied. The human eye is programmed to respond to movement. This compulsion may no longer be a matter of our everyday survival, but the tendency remains. Take advantage of video to make your events more memorable and exciting.