Short Form Videos Are Revolutionizing Internal Communications

Short form videos are transforming old-school internal communications. Learn why videos better engage employees and boost information retention.

Internal communications play a crucial role in engaging employees, aligning teams to company goals, and nurturing company culture. However, relying solely on long emails, newsletters, and presentations is becoming less effective.

Employees Strongly Prefer Video Messages

Recent research by Forbes, VMware, and others shows employees strongly prefer short video messages over text for internal communications:

  • 81% of employees would rather watch a video than read company emails [1].
  • 72% say video makes them feel more connected to leadership [2].
  • 89% believe video makes company vision and values clearer [3].

As teams become more distributed, video better captures employee mindshare. Short form video optimizes engagement and impact.

Short Videos Optimize Employee Engagement

Videos under 10 minutes work best internally. Reasons include:

  • Concise Messaging– Short videos distill messages to what’s most important, respecting employees’ limited time.
  • Enhanced Retention– Short videos boost information retention by up to 65% versus text [4].
  • Accessibility– Employees can consume videos anytime, on any device.

In a world of shrinking attention spans, short videos cut through the noise.

Implementing Video-First Internal Communications

Here are three ways to shift towards video-centric internal comms:

1. Executive Broadcasts

📹 Replace executive emails with personalized leadership video messages driving deeper engagement.

2. Training Content

📹 Transform boring text-based compliance training into engaging video microlearning, boosting retention.

3. Company News

📹 Share major news via high-impact video announcements that build excitement.

The Future is Video

Short form video represents the next wave of effective, modern internal communications. Video aligns with employee preferences while driving higher engagement, alignment, and retention.

Organizations that adopt video-first internal comms will reap dividends in the form of more informed, connected employees. The time to implement short form video is now.

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