Sales is not just about how you are able to promote your brand and the products and/or services you are selling but also, it relies on your method of exploitation. Putting yourself out there and capturing the attention of your target audience is not necessarily difficult nowadays, what with the rise in technology. The number of smartphone users is predicted to grow to a whopping 4.77 billion in 2017 and the growth rate is not slowing down. What this means is that you can easily connect with potential customers, regardless of location.

Sitting at the office desk, shopping at the local supermarket, traveling via public transport – audience reach potential has swelled for businesses that are integrating web-focused sales tactics, since anyone can access the web from anywhere, so long as they have an Internet connection and a compatible device.

Leverage the Power of Video for Increased Revenue

Did you know that more people are likely to share a video than any other type of content? A great deal of information can be absorbed by the viewer of a video in just a few minutes or even seconds. Much more clickable and shareable than other types of content posted on the web, videos are being watched for longer with each day that passes. You only have to open your browser and log into Facebook to see live streaming videos, shared videos and promotional videos on the social networking site’s newsfeed.

This just proves that by including a multimedia element like video in your marketing efforts, it is possible to boost overall revenue and drive awareness about what it is you are trying to sell, discuss or teach people about. What’s more, Google favors websites that feature videos, so you can expect your search engine ranking to improve when you embed a visual element like this.

What is a video series and how can it benefit business?

In order to provide additional value for the viewer of a video, a consistent video strategy should be put into place. Let’s take someone like Eman for example. Eman is a professional makeup artist and she regularly records and uploads videos of her very own makeup tutorials. Created to inspire, the tutorials have been seen millions of times and they are so popular that many of the viewers subscribe. Once subscribed, they are alerted as soon as Eman uploads a new video.

This is a technique that millions of business professionals are already implementing and in regards to e-commerce and exposure, it can really make a difference. A video series can be used to create a strong emotional connection with the viewer, which is essential for a positive response.

Tips for Integrating Video Effectively for Sales Success

The impact that video has on search engine optimization (SEO) cannot be ignored. From the preparation stage to the editing process, everything counts for a successful sales strategy. An effective marketing channel for industry professionals in all niches, a video series should be short but sweet, and informative but fun. Aim to develop a sense of urgency to encourage viewers to focus on what you are sharing and broaden your audience by uploading the content to various platforms, such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. It also helps to keep the setting and system the same, because this will ensure consistency.

If you have decided that starting a video series would aid you in reaching sales goals, your next step will be to decide what type of software and streaming vendor you use. Consider your target reach, video quality and exactly how you want to promote your business because software settings and features vary based on your broadcasting selection.