People are instinctively attracted to visual stimuli, which makes it much easier for humans to process a graphic description than a text description. Taking advantage of this natural bias greatly increases lead generation and consequently, boosts sales. The following describes how to generate better leads and sales with video graphics.

Gate your video content

Gated video content is video content in which viewers must provide specific information, such as a company name and email, before receiving access to a video. This technique is a simple, effective way to create a new lead as soon as a prospect has expressed interest. Typically, gating works best when it’s placed 20-30% or 60-70% of the way through a video. You’ll hook users into the content, but then you won’t deliver it in full until they’ve filled out your form. Required forms, as opposed to optional forms, tend to produce the highest conversion rates.

Use strategic calls to action

Adding a call to action at the end of a video prompts users to seek out more information about your company and your products or services. Yes, prospects can always seek out more information on their own, but most won’t take the initiative to do so. The easiest way to boost lead conversations on a video is to include a URL or phone number where a prospect can obtain more information. YouTube offers cards or annotations to insert calls to action during key moments of a video. You can also opt to include forms directly within the video call to action to get even more direct data from prospects.

Use slide-in contact forms

A slide-in form slides into the user’s field of view as he’s finishing watching a video, presenting an offer relevant to the content he’s just finished watching. Maybe the user just completed a video about content curation strategies for small business owners. Now the slide-in form is prompting him to enter his email address to receive a PDF with seasonal social media marketing tactics, perfect for the upcoming holiday season. Consider integrating your slide-in forms with your customer relationship management (CRM) to nurture your new leads through your marketing funnel with ease. WordPress offers multiple contact slider plugins to further simplify the process.

Build a video landing page

Video landing pages persuade prospects to convert indirectly. A video landing page drives more conversions than the same video will on a regular web page. A landing page converts more effectively because it has minimal distractions and often includes a built-in form. Just a few popular types of videos for landing pages include introduction videos, explanation videos, video testimonials, and video case studies. Experiment with different types of video landing pages to determine which video content works best for your target audience. Don’t be afraid to test varying landing page components as well, such as different colored “submit” buttons.

The process of incorporating video in lead generation efforts may be overwhelming at first. Start small and build on your successes. If you increase your email subscription list with slide-in contact forms on your top five blog posts, add strategic calls to action to five additional high traffic blog posts before creating video landing pages.