It’s common sense in any type of advertising that you must first generate leads before you convert a sale. Different inbound marketing tools are quite effective in attracting your target audience, but most online trends reveal that video content drives lead conversion significantly more than text-based material. Here are some reasons why.

Voice plus face equals more rich content. Because video includes both visual and audio components, you’re able to transmit roughly twice as much information within a shorter duration of time. Text alone doesn’t convey meaningful content as well as video, especially when you’re covering topics that are better demonstrated with images. Plus, when you present material with video, you can communicate emotion and body language – both of which appeal to viewers.

Your target audience is more likely to take action after viewing a video. The Online Publishers Association reports that 80% of consumers will recall a video ad they viewed up to 30 days after they watch it. Even more staggering is that almost half of them will take some action after viewing. Many looked for more information on the topic, while others followed the call to action to a website or researched the company producing the video. However, 12% of that 80% did purchase the featured product or service.

Video captures more leads across all online marketing formats. Some inbound marketing strategies perform better depending on the platform where they’re distributed. Video, on the other hand, is one online advertising tool that gets results across the board. From your website and blog to various social media channels, video brings in more followers and reaches more of your target audience.

Statistics prove that video drives lead conversion more effectively than text alone. Studies have shown that website visitors are over two-thirds more likely to buy a product online after viewing video content. Those who do view the content will stick around on a website up to two minutes longer. The key is keeping your videos short to engage them right away. A fifth of your viewers will click away after the first 10 seconds, and they’re more likely to be shared if they’re under 15 seconds.

Lead conversion through video gives you more for your marketing buck. Like any investment in your marketing budget, ROI is critical. The Aberdeen Group reports that those websites offering video content achieve a 4.6% lead conversion rate, while sites without video components scored at 2.9%. In addition, the average cost per marketing lead for video users was $93 compared to $115 for those sites that didn’t feature video content. Put simply, you’re generating more leads through video and spending less of your marketing dollar in doing so.

So now you can see that you’re leaving money on the table if you don’t incorporate at least some video content as part of your online marketing strategy. It’s true that video can be costly, but so is missing out on business opportunities because your lead conversion is low. You’re better off outsourcing your video production than foregoing it all together.