As reported in a previous blog post, the MEDIAmobz job trend so far in 2011 is one of hiring locally and thereby avoiding the expense of flying in-house production resource or third-party producers to remote locations.

One of the unpublished benefits to the distributed production method enabled by MEDIAmobz’s platform is the eco-friendly nature of MEDIAmobz-enabled productions.

MEDIAmobz have as of end-April 2011 helped companies avert injecting 77,000 pounds of Carbon Dioxide into the environment courtesy of our global network of local creators.

According to the EPA’s Greenhouse Gas Equivalencies Calculator, those 77,000 pounds are equivalent to: Annual greenhouse gas emissions from 6.8 passenger vehicles; CO2 emissions from 3,916 gallons of gas consumed; CO2 emissions from the energy use of 3 homes for one year and so on.

MEDIAmobz averts an average of 4,000 pounds of Carbon Dioxide on engagements where shoot is not in same location as commissioning company’s HQ.

MEDIAmobz are working hard to bring meaningful work to you, our trusted producer community and help our environment along the way.