VisibleGains and MEDIAmobz Will Provide a One-Stop-Shop for Shooting, Producing and Uploading Interactive Video-Enabled Marketing Apps

LOS GATOS, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–MEDIAmobz, a marketplace for creative services, particularly video production, and VisibleGains, the digital marketer’s source for video-enabled marketing apps, today announced a strategic partnership that will help digital marketers rapidly and cost-effectively use video for lead conversion. Clients in the U.S., Europe and Asia that want to outsource the production of video-enabled marketing apps, including event promotion, customer testimonials and product/service demos, can be immediately matched with a team from MEDIAmobz’s global network of video producers.

“Since launching our first video-enabled marketing app, we’ve seen significant demand from customers for a cost-effective partner that can handle video production for them”

A video-enabled marketing app brings many powerful enhancements to the video viewing experience, which results in much higher conversion rates. For example, marketers can enhance video clips by adding text and images to emphasize key messages, give their customers choice in their viewing paths, add “calls to action”, and use social media to link with speakers featured in the videos. These capabilities can enhance traditional marketing campaigns, including product e-mail campaigns, webinar/event promotions, customer testimonials and electronic press releases, to dramatically increase conversion rates.

“We’re excited to provide our creative supply chain to VisibleGains’ customers who will be able to quickly, and cost-effectively implement or sustain campaigns that use video-enabled apps to convert leads,” said Dave Toole, CEO, MEDIAmobz. “In addition, MEDIAmobz will enhance its current video solutions with video-enabled marketing apps, allowing marketers to benefit from the increased conversion power of this newly announced joint offer. MEDIAmobz producers are located around the world to provide easy access to local production capacity for quick turnaround and professionally produced video.”

“Since launching our first video-enabled marketing app, we’ve seen significant demand from customers for a cost-effective partner that can handle video production for them,” said Cliff Pollan, CEO of Visible Gains. “Although many video apps can be produced easily in-house, MEDIAmobz will be a valuable resource for our customers who prefer to outsource all or some of their video production.”

Visible Gains and MEDIAmobz will co-host with Business Wire a live event where they’ll present real life examples of how video-enabled marketing apps can be beneficial to your business on April 27 in Boston and May 11 in Silicon Valley.

About MEDIAmobz

MEDIAmobz provides businesses with turnkey video production services that are professional, affordable and deadline sensitive. Clients who are new to video production or choose to allocate resources elsewhere can call upon MEDIAmobz’s Managed Production Service to fulfill end-to-end video production. Alternatively, MEDIAmobz’s marketplace offers professional creatives a network of 1,700+ award-winning, professional producers who will bid for the opportunity to produce their project. MEDIAmobz serves both engagement models with cloud-based services to ease the pain points (outlining, scripting, storyboarding, editing/revision rounds, file transfers, etc.) that exist between Buyers and Producers of video content.

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About VisibleGains

VisibleGains is the digital marketer’s source for video-enabled marketing apps, many of which can be shot, made interactive and uploaded to websites or added to HTML emails in one day or less. Each marketing app is designed to improve the performance of traditional campaign tools to help digital marketers increase existing conversion rates. Apps include event promotion (e.g., webinars or speaking), customer testimonials and product/service demos. Marketing apps integrate easily with most popular marketing automation and analytics solutions such as, Omniture, Marketo, GoToWebinar and Hubspot for fast, cost-effective lead conversion, nurturing and sales closing.