“CAMBRIDGE, Mass., September 11, 2009 Brightcove Inc., the leading online video platform, today announced that the company’s global partner ecosystem, the Brightcove Alliance, has doubled in size in the past seven months to include more than 200 technology, distribution and solution providers. Brightcove today also unveiled several new Brightcove Alliance partner categories, including content management, transcoding, e-mail, content, and live, as well as a new training and certification program for solution providers.”

Yes, Brightcove have many solution partners offering all manner of innovation and value that third-party providers are building on top of the Brightcove platform.

Brightcove and MEDIAmobz agreed to work together as Brightcove turns their eye and attention to potential enterprise clients that love the Brightcove platform but lack sufficient video content to justify the deployment and spend.

That’s where MEDIAmobz and you, our much-valued producers come into the frame. MEDIAmobz are endeavoring to offer pre-defined video packages to enterprise customers new to harnessing video to tell their company story, product story or solution story. We also offer fully-customized work that will allow you, our producers, to show off your talent.

If you have not solicited business from an enterprise client, allow us to share with you their enthusiasm for the medium but apprehension at commissioning a messaging vehicle previously thought to be available only to cash-rich Fortune 500 advertisers and as provided by their agencies.

Having interviewed many potential enterprise clients it seemed clear that it would be important during this transitional period to provide prospective clients with easy-to-understand video packages at fixed prices.

We should also add that MEDIAmobz’s agreement with Brightcove offers the reciprocal benefit of our offering the Brightcove platform to your corporate clients. If you are presently serving a corporate client who is looking for a video platform complete with player, hosting and all-important analytics, please contact us and we’ll open up to you our relationship with Brightcove and share the financial reward for the referral.

We’re very proud that Brightcove has selected MEDIAmobz as a solution partner and look forward to delivering corporate production work to our Enterprise Certified producers.