With all the stresses we are all sharing, we should pause for a moment to celebrate Spring and upcoming celebrations, hopefully with good health.

OpenView published a great guide a few years ago for creating and delivering the content your company needs to attract and retain great customers. We have evolved quite a bit since this guide was written and gathering several interested partners to explore what this means in our current environment.

MediaMobz will be starting a series exploring how we can more effectively design for video experiences. We know video increases retention significantly but generally requires a lot of time and money, as well as stopping what’s already in process. You may already have access to a great deal of video that can be delivered to bring value to those on the receiving end. We now are seeing so many millions that can put their voice into creating video with social, but we have a very ad hoc approach to designing in advance, creating a Content Factory over the months ahead, with events, meetings, conferences, content marketing, social, web sites and so many other places our customer might connect with us on-line.

We will provide tips, share best practices, bring thought leaders to gather stories that move the needle. We are hoping to engage you to join in sharing your story as well. We are so very early in how we tell stories to rally action inside and outside our organizations. Why us? We have decades of experience in engaging at events, social commerce, digital connections, and hundreds of connections that matter with those around us and beyond.

We’ll engage with thought leaders around agile content, customer journey designs and how to prepare your video and other content libraries to engage and accelerate your desired outcomes. Video has too long been held up to the standards of good entertainment, but we are just scratching the surface of what that means for Infotainment, Edutainment and providing a bridge to Web3 experiences.

Our initial approach will be to spend time building a Content Factory together. Introduce ways to better understand the Digital Touchpoints where our customers are running into us. The need to understand the customer expectations are rising as their expectations increase with all the digital experiences we are going through. What does that mean for customer data and what we can learn, if we have a data policy with integrity? What does that mean with those that share their experiences and spread the word? What does AI bring to the table? A lot of upskilling is needed to step up the Digital Media Maturity Ladder. We will start with a deeper dive into what can be designed that serves us better before, during and after events.

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