Developing webinar content for release online is a good way to deliver information to your audience of current and potential future customers.  However, a static webinar has little replay value.  To develop an audience of people who are interested in what you have to say, you need to keep talking.  What if you could use your webinar content to start an ongoing conversation about issues your audience cares about?  If you could accomplish this, your webinar can become a product that pays dividends in the form of market share or mind share.

Hijacking the News

You could report on current events, just like a news outlet, but there is a flaw in this approach.  Everyone already knows about current events.  Simply reporting the news is not very useful.  Sharing your reactions and opinions about the events is more valuable to your audience.  This process of injecting your brand into the news is known as newsjacking.  Using webinar content for newsjacking makes sense.  People’s eyes are already on newsworthy items; take advantage of this attention to deliver your message.

The Process of Newsjacking

If newsjacking is something that might work for you, it does not take much effort to get started.  If you have the expertise needed to produce and distribute a webinar, you already have everything you need.  Here are a few tips to help you get started:

1. Develop a Specialty

In an average day, there are hundreds of news events that you could report.  If you attempted to respond to every newsworthy event, you would limit yourself to an extremely shallow overview.  Develop a specialty, whether it is news about a particular industry, a particular geographic area or a particular social issue, and you will be able to offer a well-researched examination of the news.

2. Develop an Understanding

If you expect people to listen to you talk about the news, it is vitally important that you educate yourself.  You are presenting yourself as an expert on whatever topic you choose report on.  Unless you understand the issues well, you run the risk of sounding foolish when a person who does understand the issues hears you.

3. Develop an Opinion

Once you understand the issues surrounding a particular topic, you will be well placed to form your own opinion.  Your opinion, which is based on your unique understanding, is valuable.  No other individual or business on the planet has the same background and experience.  Scarcity is a basic marketing tactic that makes your product seem desirable.

4. Develop a Voice

Who are you?  Who is your audience?  You must develop a communication style that reflects you and resonates with your listeners.  First, master the basics of communication.  It is imperative that you know how to use language properly.  Then, learn to use language as a tool to convey your message.

5. Develop an Audience

The best communication in the world is useless without an audience.  Once you have all pieces in place, you must promote your content.  By distributing your content online, you make it easy to share on social media; encourage your audience to share your content with others.

Using webinar content for newsjacking is a cost-effective way to gain attention for your message.  Use the techniques here to get started.