You’ll note that we’re taking a bit different approach to presenting this edition of Learned Readings & Fireproof Videos but hope you’ll agree we’re still curating for your reading pleasure some really great and relevant articles.

Video is the Future of Content Marketing by Gerry Moran

Lights! Camera! Conversion!My great-grandmother Michaelena always told me – ‘you ought to be pictures … you sweety, little boy’. Little did I know she was advising me about my future and the future of content marketing!

3 Ways to Integrate Video into Your Marketing Strategy by Ann Handley                                                                                                                                                                                                                  There has never been a better time to think about how you can make video a bigger part of your online marketing strategy.

Publishers Appointing Branded Content Execs by Erik Sass

The last few weeks have brought a spate of high-level executive appointments at big publishers in the realm of branded content, branded entertainment, and native advertising, reflecting publishers’ push to capitalize on the native trend by bringing many services in house or as part of joint ventures.

The Definitive Guide to Marketing Your Business on YouTube by Jayson De Mers

With 85% of online adults considering themselves regular YouTube users, the opportunities for businesses to get videos in front of a large, captivated audience are huge.

Video Machine Learning: A Content Marketing Revolution? by Chase McMichael

Video marketing is being revolutionized by fast data, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.