A webinar is an effective tool as part of your online marketing strategy, as it conveys information your prospects care about and demonstrates your expertise in your industry when properly done. However, there are certain advantages to doing a shorter version of a webinar as a “teaser” to get the attention of your potential customers. Here are a few reasons why webinar shorts are becoming more popular in the inbound marketing world.

Short webinars are a great way to focus on key topics. Presenting some insight on a general topic is ideal when you’re trying to generate leads, but longer webinars aren’t so effective when you’re trying to influence prospects that are close to making a buying decision. At the bottom of the sales funnel, you need to impress them by showing them how well you really know the details about their problems. They’ll come to trust you as a respected source of information, which means they’re more likely to buy from you.

Brief webinars attract attention and keep it. Longer videos can cause your prospect’s attention to wander, increasing the chances that they’ll click away and miss out on your call to action. When they know that their time investment will be shorter, your potential customers will tune in and stay with you until the end. The teaser format is useful in keeping them focused on the information you’re presenting.

A webinar short requires less time and money. If you’ve don’t long-version webinars in the past, you know the investment of time and money that’s required. You need to draft a longer script, figure out ways to keep your audience riveted and spend a lot of time practicing to make sure it’s perfect. A shorter webinar will cut down on these activities considerably. Plus, keeping things short and sweet means you’re more likely to stay on point rather than digressing into irrelevant topics.

Teaser webinars eliminate the need for multiple guests. A full length webinar should usually include two or more guest presenters as a way to break up the content and provide fresh insight. However, because you don’t have as much time with a webinar short, you don’t need to invite others to participate: Having just one person on board with you during the session is enough to reach out to your prospects, or you can opt to go it alone.

Webinar shorts are excellent for re-purposing old content. It’s difficult coming up with new topics to cover, not to mention the time to research and prepare for your next webinar. Instead, use the short format webinar to present information on a concept you’ve already published via other content. You’ll probably need to trim it down a bit, but the work’s mostly done already. Simply pick a topic that did well for your company and formulate a short webinar around it.

These points should go a long way in persuading you to get on board with the webinar shorts trend. While you do need to devote the proper attention to detail and make sure they’re professional, the time investments is considerably less: You can publish them with the consistency and frequency that online marketing requires. Now is the time to try out teaser webinars, as your prospects are anxious for the information you can provide in shorter format.