Once you’ve mastered video content like webinars, product demonstrations and explainer videos, you might be inspired to take a step further and try streaming a live event. There are many challenges you’ll face if you’ve never done live video before, but it’s an entirely achievable goal if you set yourself up for success. You already have most of the skills you need, and the best practices for live video at events will also boost your confidence. Check out these tips to lay the groundwork and put you in the right direction.

Choose the right live video broadcasting solutions. Doing a live video broadcast isn’t like shooting footage in your office with a webcam and microphone. You don’t get a second bite at the apple and you can’t take back the impression you make with your prospects. If you intend to do live video, make sure you invest in equipment optimized for live presentations. Also, choose a platform intended for these situations.

Make sure the venue is suitable for live video broadcasting. The location and other circumstances aren’t always the best for live video. One of the best practices for live video at events is to scope out the venue in advance and see if you can find previously-recorded footage published by others online. Loud noise, limited bandwidth and lighting may impact your decision to go forward.

Optimize your live video stream for mobile devices. Don’t forget that many of your potential customers may be using their Smartphones or tablets to access your content. Make sure the equipment and software you’re using is able to present your live video properly and stream it consistently. If not, you risk losing a large chunk of your viewership.

Enable Q&A with viewers. Your prospects are likely to grow bored if you don’t engage them in some way, so make sure they can submit questions in real-time. It’s also an opportunity for you to show off your expertise as a thought leader.

Don’t forget to use recording tools. The presentation you’re making through live video shouldn’t be just a one time shot. You’re putting a lot into this broadcast, so make sure you can take advantage of it in the future. Plus, it can be helpful to you further down the road, as you’re able to watch the footage yourself and make adjustments where necessary.

Do a live interview with a guest. A chat with a guest is a great way to break up a live video at an event and introduce a fresh point of view on a topic that’s of interest to your potential customers. Of course, you’ll want to set this up in advance and give your colleague an outline of questions that you’ll be asking.

ABT: Always be testing. Take the time to check out your presentation while you’re broadcasting. Make sure the A/V components are properly performing and your feed is still strong enough.

As you take on new projects and gain experience, there are probably more best practices for live video at events that you can add to the list. Having the right equipment and software is essential, but there’s no substitute for technique when it comes to these types of presentation. Prepare, practice and learn from your mistakes, and you’ll soon be broadcasting live video like the pros.