Video marketing is fast overtaking other forms of online marketing and when combined with a smart SEO strategy, the possibility of captivating an audience on a wide scale is entirely possible. For a corporate client to stand out as an expert in their field, or for a brand to present their products and/or services to a loyal customer base, YouTube is a must-use tool. Creating a compelling video can help you to build an audience, encourage subscribers, and effectively grow your YouTube channel, so let’s find out how to accomplish this task among an ocean of competitors, shall we?

  • The Potential of YouTube and Video SEO – YouTube has been around for quite a long time, with the online video sharing and viewing platform making its online debut in. Since this time, it has gained worldwide acclaim as one of the video sites and with the rise in businesses yielding the marketing power of YouTube brings the demand for video SEO. When you think about SEO, your mind probably wanders to blogs, website content, and those general “how-to” articles you’ve likely stumbled across on the web in the past. However, video SEO is different. While the keywords you are targeting ought to be included in the title and description, you’d be surprised to discover just how intelligent Google is at detecting bogus uploads that are not relevant to the title whatsoever. When done correctly, you won’t be disappointed after monitoring your YouTube statistics.
  • Keyword Research for “Youtube Suggest” – The “YouTube Suggest” tool is very similar to the suggestions that Google provides when you type something into the search bar. Whether you realize it or not, you will probably click on what YouTube suggests quite frequently. After all, if you see what you are searching for after typing in just a few words, why wouldn’t you save time and click on that suggestion? By integrating the correct keywords into your title and in particularly, at the beginning of the title, more viewers will find your content. Global and corporate brands are succeeding with this technique and especially so when the video relates to a geographical location or specific product/service.
  • Quality, Branding and a Call to Action (CTA) – Starting your video with an impact is one of the most effective ways of making viewers subscribe to a YouTube channel. Within the first 15 seconds, ask the audience a question that relates to them personally, briefly tell them about yourself, and inform them about what they will gain from viewing your video. Branding should be relevant throughout and preferably, on the video thumbnail. A strong CTA will provoke action and it should sound irresistible, but not too pushy. Embedding a contact form into the end of the video will work wonders for search placement and conversions.

The benefits of using YouTube for business are astounding and if you create a channel as part of your marketing strategy, it is possible to tap into the floods of traffic heading in the direction of YouTube. With the video sharing and viewing platform receiving over four million unique views on a daily basis, Google’s search results are dependent on the quality of your videos. Combine this with optimized keywords in the title and description to gain authority. After all, more than half of searchers will not click further than the first three Google results, with 90% of Google users clicking on the first 10 results. Since a YouTube channel has the potential to bring in organic traffic, the chances of building your email list and making money with Adsense will increase significantly.