Chances are if you are active on the Internet, you will have a Facebook account. As one of the most used social networking platforms in the world, it is not surprising that so many businesses and brands are achieving global success thanks to Facebook marketing. One method of marketing that is quickly taking over traditional forms of marketing is Facebook video. A brief but engaging video can do the world of good for your brand as a whole, from increasing awareness to attracting influencers and customers.

Think about it – how many videos appear when you are scrolling through your Facebook news feed everyday? Quite a few, probably. Even if you aren’t following a particular brand’s page, someone else might be! When they comment, like, or share the content, you will see it. The same applies for a video that has been boosted with a paid promotion.

All you need is a camera, editing ability, a Facebook account, and the right approach. So, let’s find out how you can create branded visual content that will deliver value for your company.

Determining Your Angle for Facebook Video Marketing

One of the most important aspects of any marketing campaign is the angle. Ask yourself, “What angle will I approach Facebook video marketing with?“. By introducing the right angle, you can unlock the secret to a successful campaign that strikes a chord with your target audience and inspires them to take notice of that all-important call to action (CTA). The marketing angle you choose is dependent on your budget and of course, what you want to get out of the campaign.

So, what is the trick to finding your angle? First of all, you need to recognize what your target audience are attracted to, such as videos that feature music or educational videos. It is possible to find this out by conducting a survey or assessing the results of competitor campaigns. Secondly, you must discover a method of manipulating the specific marketing strategy in such a way that your audience will want to take action. Finding your angle for Facebook video marketing may be a case of trial and error, so be patient.

Aligning Your Brand with Facebook Videos

Would somebody from your target market be able to associate a Facebook video ad with your brand if the name of your company was not displayed on the video? Ideally, they should be able to. There are a few things you can do to align the video with your ultimate goal, whether this is to boost conversions, increase page views and likes, or sell something.

Below are some top tips to align your brand with Facebook video marketing:

  • Use branded colors to generate interest and grasp attention instantly
  • Include the same font in all of your videos to help viewers familiarize with your brand
  • Feature your product in the ad and emphasize its benefits
  • Use the same lighting and camera angles in your videos
  • Add audio at the beginning of the video to align your brand instantly
  • Shoot the video in similar settings, such as in a studio, city, or beach.

Get the most out of your video ads by re-purposing old blog content, using quality recording equipment, and analyzing the data frequently. When you notice that a particular campaign is working, integrate the technique into future campaigns. Should you discover that something isn’t quite working, tweak it and take a huge stride in the direction of success.