So, you have built a brand and can offer your potential customers something truly amazing, but you’re not quite sure who to promote your services and/or products to? Fear not because this is a problem that many business owners face. Often referred to as ‘target marketing’, the process of determining who is most likely to acquire your products or services requires market research and assessment.

Once you have successfully identified your target audience, it is up to you how you capture their attention, whether it is with a brand video or an explainer video. Take a moment to absorb the following information and before you know it you’ll be launching a competitive business with a devoted following!

How to Distinguish a Target Market

If your product is to meet the need(s) of your typical customer, you must devote some time to tailoring your marketing pitch properly. The time you spend doing this will be well worth it since it will translate to sales and prevent you from pitching your products and/or services to someone who is not interested whatsoever. Just think of how many potential customers you could be reaching with your video marketing campaigns if your followers are truly interested in your brand!

Take the following tips into account to define your target market:

  • Think about who will benefit from your products/services – Let’s say you sell athletic gear, for example. You must target the fitness fanatics and athletes who require suitable clothing, footwear, and equipment for their active endeavors and direct your marketing videos towards them. How to find them, you ask? Use hashtags related to your niche and a whole world of marketing opportunity will open up.
  • Gain an understanding of problems you solve – Every product/service will serve a purpose and that purpose is to enhance somebody’s life in some way or another. When you know who will gain value from what you’re offering, grouping the audience by market sector will be easier.
  • Consider your company’s area(s) of expertise – Once you are certain of what your brand specializes in, you can search competitor brands and focus on what type of audience they are targeting.
  • Assess the alternative available options – Why is your product/service better than the alternative options offered by competitor brands? Understanding why your offering is better will enable you to properly target people in certain geographical locations and with certain requirements.

Creating Marketing Videos for Engagement

Engagement is absolutely essential for a brand to grow on a social media site, like Facebook. Building brand awareness will come easy if your audience feel the need to comment, like, or share your videos. A worthwhile technique is to create at least three videos, each with a different approach. Based on the data, such as the number of views, clicks, and sales, you can not only figure out which type of video is best for engagement but also, you can get a better idea of buyer behavior.

Don’t underestimate the power of social media research. It is possible to fine-tune your marketing strategy and only present your video campaigns to the people who truly care when you acknowledge this important aspect of starting a business. What’s more, you can feel confident that your marketing dollars are spent wisely if the content you upload is directed towards a specific group of people.