There are all sorts of different types of content that you can use to promote your brand. You can write a blog, host a podcast, create an infographic, and much more. But perhaps the most effective type of content you can create is videos.

Not only can video content be used to grab your audience’s attention much more quickly and effectively than other types of content, they’re also great at turning those viewers into customers. Why is video such an effective content tool? And how can you use it in promoting your brand? Here are a few ways.

Why Video Works

Images will always be more effective than text in reaching people. That’s why social media is so full of memes. As you’re scrolling through a bunch of posts that all look the same, an image can stand out and capture your attention. Videos are even more effective in this regard, as moving images can be even more eye-catching.

Then, once a video has gotten your audience’s attention, it can convey information much more effectively than other types of content as well. You’ve heard the expression, “Show, don’t tell”? With a video, you can demonstrate tasks from start to finish in a clear, concise manner, rather than just describing them.

You can prove to people that the claims about your product are true by showing how it works, as well as the results. And when you put people in your videos, having them talk to the camera can be like a personal, one on one conversation with the audience. It makes it much easier to connect with people and gain their trust.

Attracting Customers with Video Content

Creating a video that gets a lot of views is one thing. But the main goal of video marketing is to attract customers and boost sales. How can you gear your video content towards that objective? Start by knowing your audience. What are they looking for? What do they want to do? What problems do they have, which your product or service can solve for them?

Once you have that information, you can create videos around those topics, with keywords that will attract people searching for that information. How To videos work particularly well here. Create a videos that demonstrate how to perform a particular task: create something, build something, fix something, etc.

Post the videos to YouTube and promote them on social media. As you continue making more, people who are interested in the topic and like what you create will become regular viewers. Over time, this will help you gain their trust and establish your brand as an expert in your field. Then, when they’re looking to make a purchase, your brand and your products will be the first thing they think of.


How-to demonstrations aren’t the only way of promoting your brand through video content. There are sorts of different types of videos you can make. But whatever you choose to do, the key to making an impact with viewers is to tell a story. A how-to video can show people what you can do. But in order to make a real impression, you need to show them who you are.

Make videos that talk about the history of your company: how it was founded, and what its values are. Interview the employees who make what you do possible. Show customers and communities to whom your brand has made a difference. By telling the story of your brand, you can get people invested in who you are and what you do, making them more likely to buy from you—and to keep buying from you over time.

Quelling Doubts

They say seeing is believing. In a world filled with false claims and untrustworthy people and brands, a video can help remove any lingering doubts that potential customers may have about your product by showing them that it really is everything it claims to be.

We talked earlier about how you could make videos that demonstrate your product in action. But some may still worry that the videos are staged, or that the product won’t work the same for them as it does for the person being paid to demonstrate it.

So in addition to your own, professional video demonstrations, encourage your customers to make their own videos. Have them show the product and how it works, talk a little about what they like about it, and submit these reviews to you. Viewers will see people just like them, using your product to solve the same problems they’re having. Plus, this will provide you with more video content for your brand, without your having to put your own time and resources into creating it.

These are just a few of the ways you can use video marketing to promote your brand. What are some creative types of video content you can use to promote your own brand or products? Let us know in the comments below!