Most video is one-sided. Companies demand the attention of their audience and try to sell a product. Attention isn’t free, what are you doing to earn customer attention?  Being the 100th android phone manufacturer to enter the market, and proceeding to output yet another video on the many features of the phone–will not cut it. Why should people start paying attention to you instead? Why should they break away from their usual channels?

Attention is a Commodity

Too many brands spend too much marketing dollars and receive far too few leads. This is because the majority of marketing dollars is still spent on conventional marketing tactics–ones that are product oriented. It is always useful to have product pieces when your audience is paying attention. The first step is to earn consumer attention, to have built that all-important base of loyal brand ambassadors. Skipping the first step is reserved for brands that have started entirely new fields or developed breakthrough technology. These companies are exceptions to the rule, and should not be emulated as the norm. Apple need not focus on content marketing, they have an enormous base of loyal customers and almost as many brand ambassadors.

Provide Relevant Content

You must address customer pain points in today’s marketing world. If your video is packed with product features, and does nothing to provide useful information to the consumer, ROI is not being maximized. Video is a primary attention-grabber on the internet. Use that valuable time and interest to further hook your customers. In order to succeed, your company must strive to be the authority in the field–become the lead provider of content that addresses customer pain points stemming from the field in which your company operates.

Do not stop there. Dig deeper and tap into your companies’ knowledge pool.A company features individual storytellers that are brought together to tell a unified story–we call the output a brand. Use company expertise to help the relevant segment of consumers. This is immediately rewarded with concentrated consumer attention. Attention is the greatest outcome marketing efforts can generate–your content has given a reason for consumers to pay attention to your brand. Monetization follows shortly after, with rapid lead generation.

Great content that addresses customer pain points continues to work for you. Imagine your audience as potential brand ambassadors. If you have touched on pain points in ways that other brands have not, you will gain the loyalty of brand ambassadors. The most important facet of an audience is not quantity, but quality. There have been plenty of cases on social media where celebrities’ with large followings try to promote a product but have no significant impact on demand. Social media features a lot of noise, so to have a quality following is to not just have someone’s interest, but also their attention, amidst the internet firestorm.

Learn More from the Experts

If you are ready to orient your companies video marketing strategy to incorporate the content marketing model, thinking about content is a great way to start. If you need some ideas to kick-start your companies’ content revolution, make sure to check out what the expert storytellers are saying. As it turns out, there is a large gathering of famous storytellers in San Francisco on June 20th 2017 at the UCSF Mission Bay Conference Center. The asking fee of $299 is a bit steep, but the ideas could be incredibly useful for your brand–not to mention we have an exclusive discount code that knocks that off by a $100. Go here to find out more, and use code “Speaker2016” to get a discount.