You might have already found success in using blog, white paper and email content to attract your prospects, but that doesn’t mean you sit back enjoy the fruits of your labor. Your approach to online marketing has to be dynamic, building upon your previous accomplishments by trying new strategies. Video is a proven winner in the content marketing world, even if many companies haven’t gotten on board with the concept. You’d be amazed at what brands are missing that forego video content marketing for traditional advertising, so see why you can’t afford to pass it up.

A video is worth more than a million words. You can convey more about your company and its offerings through video that through text content alone. This is because people learn more when information is presented visually, whether it’s a product demonstration or graphics. Plus, putting a face on your brand goes much further to establishing trust.

The market for video content is enormous. The number of people that view video content on a regular basis is staggering, so you’re missing out on a huge segment of the market if you don’t put your brand in front of them. Of course, there are many internet users that are just viewing viral videos of cute pets or celebrity gossip, but there are many who are searching for more information on how to solve their problems.

Your buyers remember video longer than text content. Your customers are more likely to recall information further into the future when it’s presented in a video than they are when reading text. Neither type of content is expected to convert business the first time your prospects consume it; however, they’ll remember the details of a video a month later. At that point, they’re probably closer to making a purchasing decision and you can move them further down the sales funnel.

It doesn’t take long to engage the visitor with video. The most effective videos are those that stay under two minutes and focus on a specific topic. This means you don’t need to write up a long script and spend a lot of time editing a long video. You can present a great deal of information and earn their trust in a short amount of time. The flip side is that you do have to engage your prospects right away, as they’re going to click the “Back” button if your material doesn’t keep their attention.

You boost your visibility with mobile users. Many of your customers aren’t sitting at their desks searching for information on topics important to them. They’re scanning material via mobile devices, including video content. In fact, mobile users are more likely to stick around and watch your video than those viewing on computers. You’re missing out on enormous opportunities to tell prospects about your brand if you’re not using video to show them how you solve their problems.

Clearly, companies that invest their advertising dollar in outbound marketing like TV and print ads are missing the bus. They don’t understand what brands are missing that forego video content marketing, which is more effective and carries a lower price tag. Now that you do appreciate the value in online video, you need to get with the game and start making it part of your online marketing strategy.