By now, you’re probably aware of the value of incorporating all types of content in your online marketing strategy. Your potential customers consume certain material more readily than others, from blogs to white papers to webinars. Video is quickly becoming one of the most effective forms of content, though it really only works when done right. Keeping it short but sweet is essential, as your busy customers need information quickly. Some of the best B2B videos attract and engage prospects by following an under-two-minute formula that incorporates certain qualities.

The best B2B videos speak to customers at different stages in the buying process. Your prospects are researching products and services well before they’re ready to buy, so your audience will be looking for different information along the way to making a final purchasing decision. The same video content that’s useful to those just beginning their research won’t engage those who are narrowing down companies to buy from.

Effective video content will focus on your strengths. The best B2B videos don’t churn out a sales pitch that only serves to repel your potential customers. Instead, you want to demonstrate how your company solves problems that your prospects are experiencing. You’ll get their attention when they know how well you understand their business pain; you’ll keep them engaged when you focus on your company’s strengths in responding to their needs.

Great videos re-purpose existing content. One of the best parts of producing video content is that you don’t necessarily need to come up with some new, novel topics to get your prospects interested. You can use what you’ve already published via your blog, white paper content or eBooks. You simply start by looking at your metrics to figure out the topics that have proven to be successful in terms of downloads and encouraging potential customers to fill out forms. Use this material as a jumping off point to developing video content that delivers.

You can curate video just like other forms of content. If you follow online marketing, you know how useful content curation can be: Just as you can re-use and re-purpose your own previously published material, you can use the content that’s been prepared by others as an inspiration for new videos. The key is to identify video content that’s on point as far as the information your customers are seeking. You also need to make sure you’re drawing the material from a credible source that’s respected in your industry. Plus, you should add your own comments to provide insight.

Buyers have short attention spans. It’s true that some customers prefer to consume online content in video form versus text material. But you also need to understand that your prospects want to keep it short and sweet. Try to keep your videos around the two minute mark so they see it through to the call to action.

These key attributes are what separate the best B2B videos from ho-hum content that turns your customers away. Not all your prospects like to read blog entries and some simply need visual material to understand the concepts you’re attempting to demonstrate. With the two-minute-or-less format, there’s a lot you can say and still keep your audience interested. If you haven’t done it already, try out some short videos and watch your leads grow.