Get ready for 2023. Repurpose what you have in inventory and add fresh personalized video.

Today communications professionals, marketers, employees, product and community leaders lack the means, automation, and workflows to easily assemble, repurpose, collaborate, and deliver video-based communications and collateral in a way that is simple and accessible to them. Communication channels have exploded so it is hard to hear the signal from the noise. Most are subjected to a myriad of unintegrated tools, inefficient exchanges of huge files, and awkward means to share final work products, let alone all of the intermediate versions needed throughout the process of creating personalized and targeted video content.

We’re innovating by introducing the next generation of video content operations to help event, field marketing, recruiting, internal communications, and sales enablement teams create video content tailor-made for the customers, employees, and the communities they serve. All of this on one platform.

GLX Video Content Operations Cloud can help you, your teams, and others in your organization deliver meaningful and engaging video narratives to customers, employees, and audiences with personalized and targeted video content. Our goal is to help you increase customer, employee, and community engagement by extending the reach of existing and fresh video content, reducing the impact on your budget to drive additional benefits from your events.

GLX Video Content Operations Cloud offers a video content factory and services that help you engage with customers and employees with personalized and targeted video from existing and fresh video content. GLX provides your creative users and teams with workflows, simple and accessible editing and AI-augmented video generation tools used to deliver tailored video communications to their audiences.

We hope you will take a few moments to learn about “GLX Video Content Operations Cloud for AI-Personalized Video Engagement, Retention, and Acquisition”.

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