Most put an emphasis on encouraging the audience to attend an event and engaging them during the live or virtual event. As soon as it’s over, the ice cube begins to melt. All this investment in time, resources, and effort to bring an audience to sponsors, customers to trade shows, and employees aligned to serve customer needs quickly evaporates.

In the week that follows the event, meeting, conference, or launch the team moves onto the next thing. The clarity of purpose you had intended to instill dissipates in just a few days and weeks following the event. The ice cube simply evaporated.

We recommend that leaders of organizations take the time to summarize and share a quick 5-minute story to keep their teams aligned to the event’s goals and the actions they want people to take.

At MediaMobz we are passionate about creating an inclusive culture that invites feedback from those we collaborate with. Collaboration takes different forms. Sometimes it is a brand manager and an agency working on a video that needs a review to make sure it meets expectations. It might also be a leader that wants feedback from team members or a broader audience to tune what best serves that audience.

Clear and engaging communication drives alignment. In the week that follows the event you should be able to share a position with your team. Sales organizations tend to benefit by things like finding out about a new capability by a competitor, a competitor getting a deal, a new product in the market, a customer need, a success story, and much more. If sales can convert a few more deals from this event because of this, what could you expect them to achieve the rest of the year? What if your product launches conveyed a clearer path to a higher market share? What if you were able to share exciting stories about your market and successes with others … before the ice cube melt.

We are asking for $999 for an annual subscription to provide you the tools to leverage this capability. Create short videos; review them; incorporate feedback; and share them with your audience. It’s not hard.

We’re just getting started to help you activate your content and engage your audience.

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