Green-lighting a project is a way many use to request or convey to others that content is ready to share. There are various occasions when getting a green light to release video content is needed. For film and video production, it can be getting input and buy-in from those leading the effort to decide if the content is ready for prime time. It could be a marketing group requiring the review and approval of the video team’s content. For Legal, it might be a need to review and approve content from a compliance perspective. Sometimes it might simply be someone desiring feedback on what might be improved. You may just want comments and feedback from a recent case study before going live. These are some of the examples where green-lighting video is needed.

Given how busy we all are it can be challenging to get someone to take a moment to review, provide feedback, approve, and green-light your video. It can be an exercise of herding cats. Good luck with that. It can take a lot of time and effort to coordinate. It’s not surprising that some don’t attempt these reviews given the perceived futility of proceeding with this activity.

Think about what that might mean for an organization. Think of virtual events and the importance of getting things done quickly with a clear process to green-light an upcoming event. There may be brand considerations, messaging and anticipated actions that require a cross-disciplinary team to review and green-light the video. Are you putting the organization at risk by not getting the Legal review done?

Getting feedback in a clear and effective manner improves outcomes, at the very least avoids embarrassing situations. Getting feedback on a campaign should recognize that contributors may not be able to join a meeting and should be able to provide that feedback at their convenience. What if more of our efforts could be done at our convenience with a few reminders to help avoid meeting overload, summarizing a meeting’s discussions and actions, and sharing content for get feedback?

I have been using “GreenLight Xpress” – GLX – Studio to help me produce a show called “A Slice of Silicon Valley” – take a look at the Outhink blog. I produced the video, uploaded it to GLX Studio, asked for feedback and some rough edits, and added comments, bumpers and a title slide. Just a few clicks to get this done.

GLX Studio has been used to produce and green-light dozens of events around the world. This is a new way to not only review and approve a video, but to release and publish it to the Production team for use across and beyond the organization. We are just getting started with what can be leveraged through the GLX Studio.