Creating a video can take from a few minutes to weeks, depending on the platform you are creating it for and the content. For example, you can create Snapchat videos in seconds. For your clients, a 3-minute professional video can take almost a month to finish.

But what if the client needs video content or ads produced every other day?

MediaMyx to the rescue.

MediaMyx allows you to easily create professional videos fast. You can leverage your client’s existing media assets such as images, PowerPoint slides, video edits, etc. to create professional videos. The videos can be used as part of the overall content strategy and for ads.

Add Value to Content Services

Content marketing agencies need to implement creative strategies to reach their clients’ target audiences.

Some of the content strategies you may be using include writing blog articles, eBooks, and search engine optimization (SEO). However, creating these content can be quite expensive and time consuming. For clients with a content-hungry audience, it won’t take time before you will be overwhelmed with content production.

And this is where videos come in.

Video content can work for clients in any industry. The content can be tailored to address specific needs or realize particular goals. For example, videos can be developed specifically for educating prospects about a product. Examples of such forms of videos include interviews, product reviews, and “how-to” videos.

Getting engagement is crucial to closing sales. But on social media, you do not want to be selling all the time. Rather, you should build a relationship with the prospects. Video is a good medium for building relationships as it’s more expressive and allows you to get more creative.

No matter what industry your clients are in, prospects want to know them better. How about producing a “weekly blurb” where one of the employees shares what he/she loves about the company? Random videos of goofs in the office can also be a hit especially for clients in the traditional corporate industries.

Maximize Your Content Strategy with Video

Producing professional videos can be expensive and may take time. However, creating videos for generating leads or building brand awareness does not have to take time.

MediaMyx enables you to use existing video assets and images to create new videos that will be perfect for sharing on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The software allows you to slice and add up videos and images fast to create entirely new video content. You don’t have to spend thousands on a video editing software or hiring a professional videographer.

The video content you produce can be rendered in different settings, depending with the distribution platform you would like to use. After production, you can distribute the content through different channels such as your email newsletter, blog articles, YouTube channel and so on.

Creating videos with MediaMyx is easy and fast. By using the software, you can create tons of content to share with your audience through the platforms they prefer.