Do you know you can leverage your existing video clips and images to make attention-grabbing social media videos? Video gets a ton of engagement on Facebook and Instagram. You will be missing opportunities to reach new prospects if you are not leveraging the content.

Great videos appeal and resonate well with their intended audiences. The videos may not have been shot in HD cameras or have a flowing storyboard, but they bring out the intended message in a clear and concise manner. The results you can get from video are only limited by your creativity in content and distribution.

Create Content that Intrigues

You need to be creative with your video content. The goals of the video should help you determine the content direction to take. For example, a video meant to generate buzz about a service or product may be different from one meant to close prospects to customers.

Your videos should be intriguing. This does not mean sophisticated. There are different simple strategies you can experiment with that will result in a bigger impact on your bottom line.

Create Videos with MediaMyx

MediaMyx is a cloud platform that enables you to easily slice and stitch back video content with your branding and the message you have for your audience. You can use the software to quickly combine images (e.g. PowerPoint slides, title cards, etc.), bumpers (corporate branding for the front and back of each video), and selected video edits to create videos on your own.

Using MediaMyx is fast and easy. Anyone can quickly create professional videos or ads by leveraging on new or existing video content and images. Some of the features of the software include:

  • Ability to mix video with .JPEG or .PNG images
  • Media assets are stored in the cloud for easy access
  • The videos created can be shared through Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn
  • Cloud-based and hence can be accessed remotely
  • Easy to get started with and use thanks to the click-and-drag interface

You can access MediaMyx within each of your MediaMobz Workspaces. MediaMyx can also gather all the relevant assets on your PC Media Library, workspaces and computer for easy access and use.

How to Create a Video with MediaMyx

Follow the steps below to create your video in minutes:

  • Click the green “Create New Myx” icon to create a video
  • Type the name of the Myx on the New Myx window that will pop up
  • Confirm the Myx by clicking “Create”, or click “Cancel” to start over
  • Upload the assets to be used in your project by clicking the “Import Media” tab
  • On the “Drag Assets Here” tab, drag and sequence/organize your title cards, bumpers and video clips
  • Preview the video as you are remixing the assets until you end up with the video you like
  • Render the video based on the quality settings you prefer

The new video can be downloaded through the MediaMyx platform with any cloud connected device or shared from within to your social media accounts.