Social media marketing is a useful tool for pretty much any business owner, no matter what the niche, size of the business, or location. An effective way to engage with customers, compel responses from Internet users and learn more about your target audience, social media has lured in more than 2 billion people around the globe. Considering there are approximately 3 billion (and growing) Internet users worldwide, that figure is quite impressive. There’s more to social media marketing than boosting business exposure, brand awareness, sales and leads, however.

Adopting Social Media for Promotional Efforts

Some of the most popular social media platforms out there, like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, have become a valuable element of a marketing strategy nowadays. In particular, social media strategies are being implemented for event promotion purposes. It makes sense really, because networking sites are being accessed on the move with Internet-enabled devices, from smartphones to tablets. By connecting with your audience on the move, it is possible to engage, intrigue and invigorate, not to mention inform them about your enterprise-related shindigs.

Let’s find out how you can generate some serious buzz for your forthcoming event with the most advanced approaches to social media promotion, shall we?

Make a Snapchat Geofilter

Snapchat is getting more advanced by the day and businesses everywhere are capitalizing on the application’s innovation. You can too if you make a custom Snapchat geofilter. The process is fairly straightforward and can be accomplished online. Simply submit it to Snapchat after the design is complete, sit back and watch as app users dress up basic photos with your geofilter.

Highlight Previous Events

Many people will want to get a glimpse into what an event is all about, before deciding whether or not they should attend. If you have hosted a similar event in the past, create a slideshow or present your audience with a compilation of images and/or videos via Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. For increased exposure, link your YouTube account to other social networking accounts by posting YouTube links to event videos on your business page/profile.

Create Event Hashtags

The hashtag craze has picked up speed over the last few years and it is not slowing down by any means. Hashtags offer an effective way to generate social buzz and encourage conversation on social networking sites. A successful hashtag campaign will summarize the event in one or a few words. During your event, use the hashtag(s) to invite attendees, engage with attendees, and inspire conversation.

Host Registration Contest or Giveaway

Everybody likes an opportunity to win something, so why not provide potential event attendees with a chance to enter a contest or giveaway for free event registration? This is a powerful lead generation technique, because it enables you to build your email list and better understand your target market. Contests or giveaways can be based on the numbers of likes and shares a post gets, so don’t be afraid to ask for comments, tags, shares, etc. Alternatively, provide early-bird registrants with a discount.

Live Video Sessions

Show people what is happening before, after and during an event by streaming the happenings live on Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, Periscope, etc. With live streaming on social media, you can gain access to consumers who might not have got involved otherwise. Consider editing the live video sessions after filming and repurpose the content for more lead generation.

Reaching your prospects and customers all starts with the right marketing approach. Today’s digital world is heavily focused on generating trends and going viral. For this reason, you should think about jumping on the social media bandwagon if you want to push your business to the forefront of a specific industry.