A high energy level builds excitement and inspiration, driving people to attend an event, return year after year, and share their experiences with others. Using video during the event itself is an excellent way to maintain a high energy level for the duration of the event. The following event video marketing ideas will help you generate engaging, memorable video content that event goers will be talking about for weeks to come.

Using video during an event is a great way to get attendees to start talking about what’s happening at the event both in person and online. Focus on creating short video clips that you post to social media channels immediately. The sooner the video content is available online, the sooner event attendees will start sharing it with family and friends. As attendees share the content, they’ll talk about what they’re seeing, learning, and helping to create at the event. You may also get event speakers, volunteers, and other participants to share the video content, which adds authenticity to your event.

Speaker introductions

Providing a killer introduction for a speaker generates hype and sets the tone for an awesome talk. For example, if the speaker is a lighthearted, family friendly guy who loves spending time with his kids when he’s not educating others, the introduction should portray this image. Illustrating the mission of the speaker establishes the proper tone for the presentation. Avoid using too many inside jokes or poking fun at the event speaker repeatedly during the introduction.

Examples during presentations

Many speakers are afraid to create their own video content for their event presentations due to the risk of technical difficulties. Take the stress out of the situation by helping speakers put together video. Using video strategically during a talk allows speakers to show, as opposed to tell, helping viewers to understand the concept at hand with ease. In turn, the video content will raise awareness for the event when the speaker uses it in subsequent speeches elsewhere.

Attendee interviews

Event attendees bring knowledge, skill sets, and experience to an event. Tap into their expertise with short interviews throughout the event. For example, if an event staff member gets into a discussion about a new industry initiative with an attendee, encourage the staff member to record a short explanation of the initiative from the attendee.

Real time video at social gatherings

Offering real time video during parties and other social happenings at events gives people a fun way to record memories and highlights. When you’re able to share these special moments on social media, you’ll generate even more attention for your event. Think about setting up a dedicated video recording area at the social gathering. Then have an event staff member or team edit the footage and play it back later at the event.

The key to creating a solid ”during the event” video is to prepare accordingly. Attendees and speakers alike don’t want to hang around for minutes on end to start an interview or presentation while you fiddle with your gear. Before the event begins, test your equipment and connections. Then retest periodically during breaks to ensure your equipment is ready to go as soon as you need to use it.