We had the great pleasure of recently meeting David Spark at Exhibit & Event Marketers Association’s Red Diamond Congress 2016. David’s views around the use of video, specifically around events resonated loudly with us here at MediaMobz and so we thought we would introduce David and his writings here and now.

For most of us, the definition of a “successful video” is that it has a high view count. Yes, that is one measure of a video’s success, but what happened to your business after the “success” of that video? Did anything change?

If you can’t really put your finger on how that video impacted your business, then maybe you’re not leveraging video’s other success factors. The reality is that the mere process of producing videos, especially with influencers and potential customers, can generate lots of positive and measurable business value.

We all look to view counts as the primary measure of success because for most it’s the only metric they know.View counts are only one measure of a video’s success and often it’s difficult to impossible to tell how it impacts your business. Conversely, the act of producing a video has many more values that often have direct and immediate impact to your business.

We thank David Spark of Spark Media Solutions for allowing us to share his views and invite you to read the entirety of David’s article at Spark Minute.