I was reading Event Manager blog and very much want to share an article by Kerry Creaswood.

There is no denying that major changes have been happening in event marketing in the past few years. Many of the changes have been driven by technological advances within the industry. Other changes have been driven by shifts in what people want to experience when attending events. One thing is for sure; it doesn’t appear as if things will slow down at all in the next 12 months.

Take a minute to consider all of the apps you have installed on your smartphone. Chances are, you use at least some of them for productivity, organization, and collaboration. Have you ever considered how you could use any of these existing apps to help you market events? Mobile event apps are apps that are created to make the event experience even better for people who are attending. However, the opportunity to use technology to create great event experiences isn’t limited to apps. Interactive technology and virtual reality are just two bits of technology that will have a big impact on events now and into the future.

2016 might just be a memorable year for technological innovation when it comes to event marketing and planning. It will be interesting to see, for example, how apps like Periscope and Snapchat will be used in event marketing this year. It would seem as if these apps in particular could be extremely important when it comes to providing a behind the scenes look at the event, or for creating more engagement in the event. It will be more interesting to see what further advances come in 2017 that are influenced by event trends that are happening now.

This interesting tip is an excerpt from a blogpost on Event Manager Blog. If you want to produce great events, your marketing efforts have to be absolutely on point.
 I encourage you to read Kerry Creaswood’s article in Event Manager Blog’s 5 Event Marketing Trends You Cannot Afford to Ignore where you’ll discover 5 trends related to event marketing that could be game changers over the next 12 months.