I was pleased to join a distinguished list of panelists for our webinar about video creation and strategy for today’s modern content marketer.

Video is an absolute requirement for today’s audiences. When developing your content marketing strategy, compelling, well-crafted video content can act as the centerpiece of your campaign. It drives action, elicits emotion and delivers results.

This is event was brought to you by PR Newswire and MultiVu and shared insider tips on video creation and how to successfully weave it into an effective content marketing program.

During the webinar we addressed:

  • Developing videos that will drive engagement with your audience
  • Helpful tips to determine the right video project for your campaign
  • How to make video creation part of your content portfolio
  • Tactics to successfully execute it as part of a larger content strategy

An on-demand version of this webinar will be made available by MultiVu and PR Newswire.