Here’s another great read on that shows you the best way to use Instagram for your events and the pitfalls to avoid. Does this fit into your event marketing strategy?

Instagram, at it’s core, found success from users being able to share their perspectives primarily through photos (later videos as well). These perspectives originally all had to be in the moment but they eventually gave way to users being able to upload pictures and videos not created natively. The impact of its evolution matters because users have always since preferred content created in the moment and behind the scenes a.k.a. “real moments”. It’s why Instagram is one of the last holdouts of allowing its API to be utilized to schedule content in advance – real moments happening in real time is what its users really react to and enjoy. It’s vital you don’t treat Instagram like Facebook for your success. Skip the political rants, memes, stock images, graphics, coupons, and motivational quotes and rely on actual moments as they happen in order to win over the hearts and minds of this platforms savvy users.

Is Instagram Right for Your Strategies?

As with any strategic decision, you have to set goals, determine tangible objectives, create strategies that will help you accomplish your objectives, and implement tactics to do the work of achieving your strategies. It has to work in that order and you can’t skip a step. Instagram is a tactic. You have to know why and if it makes sense for your goals, objectives and strategies. If the people you want to be in front of are using Instagram, then it’s a tactic that will help you get to where you want. Know the key demographic traits of your target audience – age, gender, location, and average income. Also, before you create any content, I urge you to watch others using Instagram, especially the types of people you want to follow your brand. Once you understand what Instagram users react to and that it fits in your strategic plan, it’s time to optimize the content you create on the platform.

The above is an excerpt from an article on the I encourage you to read their article: The Secret Formula for Event Instagram Success where you can learn all about the 4 rules for using Instagram for your events.