Creating consistent, high quality video is an ongoing process. Once you’ve worked hard to produce a video, you don’t want it to have a short run and then start collecting virtual dust as it sits in your hard drive. Leveraging your video archive allows you to maximize your video content, driving more conversions for your products, services, or events.

Include short videos in long-form content

Crafting solid short-form content gives you a world of resources for creating long-form content. For example, filming several videos about interoffice collaboration is a great base for a webinar about inter office collaboration. With the videos already under your belt, you can flesh out more detailed aspects of collaboration and include the videos alongside relevant photos, graphs, and charts.

Think about cross-promoting similar content as well. Take the videos about collaboration. If you don’t want to put together a whole webinar, create a series of blog posts to go along with the videos and link the videos in the posts. Then link back to the blog posts in the video descriptions, instantly giving viewers access to both types of content.

Blend old and new content

Sometimes you want to promote an upcoming event and you don’t have a lot of time to take photos or shoot video. For example, maybe there’s a youth orchestra concert happening this weekend, and you aren’t able to hire a photographer or videographer last minute. Shoot your own video during the final rehearsals leading up the concert. Interspersing the rougher video footage with professional photos from previous concerts will do wonders to up the level of the content at hand while still getting people excited for the upcoming concert.

Create a series around a certain topic

Crafting a series of blog posts or emails around a certain topic gives users the information they need when they need it. For example, offering tips for improving your product photography before the upcoming holiday season encourages small business owners to boost their web presence before the peak shopping weeks. Don’t be afraid to link up both new and old content that fits the given topic. Make sure to promote the series on your website to encourage new subscribers.

Embrace the throwback trend on social media

Throwback Thursday #TBT and Flashback Friday #FBF are among popular throwback tags on social media. On a given day of the week, people will post favorite older photos and videos with the given hashtags. Participating in these trends is a simple, effective way to extend the reach of your older content while promoting future events. For example, you can use of these tags to share content from last year’s industry event to encourage people to register for the upcoming event next month.

Leveraging your video achieve should be part of your content creation process. When you’re thinking about multiple ways to use video right from the beginning, you’re more likely to put those ideas into action instead of waiting months or even years to revisit older content. For example, when you conduct an interview with a speaker for an upcoming event, think about using it in an ebook on the same topic as his speech.