Social media is a powerful tool to increase awareness, boost engagement, and ultimately, drive more sales for both online and in-person events. When you’re caught up in organizing and planning an event, it’s easy for promotion to take a back seat. Don’t let the concept of promotion overwhelm you. The following simple ways to promote your event using social media allow you to reach your target audience quickly and effectively without breaking the bank.

Create a Facebook event

Facebook events are everywhere and with good reason. People see them, interact with them, and gain information from them every day. When you promote your event on your Facebook page, page followers will learn about the event and may even share the information with their friends. Consider creating a cover image for your Facebook page to further promote the event. You may also want to consider using Facebook ads to promote the event. Choose a professional image and target your key demographic to boost your conversion rate.

Make an event-specific hashtag

Create a hashtag specific to your event, such as #LHSChicago2016. Generating a hashtag ahead of time allows you to include it in all of your event materials, from email signatures to event brochures. The hashtag makes it easy for people to find what you’re saying about the event as well as what other people as saying about it. Encourage attendees and other interested parties to share their insight and photos to encourage conversation throughout the event.

Develop a highlight reel from previous events

Video footage enables you to convey the energy and excitement from past events. Prior event attendees will get excited remembering the goods times they had at past events and complete their registration early. Potential attendees will be intrigued about the good times they missed and will sign up for the upcoming event. Make the benefits of attending your event straightforward and to the point. Leverage your highlight reel on multiple social media channels, which includes creating 15-second clips for Instagram.

Post behind the scenes footage

Before the event, share snaps of the preparation to make followers feel as though they’re in on the action and consequently, eagerly await the upcoming event. During the event, continue to share behind the scenes footage, highlighting rarely seen moments, such as a keynote speaker getting ready to take the stage or a session presenter preparing a display. Instagram stories and Snapchat are natural platforms for behind the scenes footage, but you shouldn’t feel limited to these options.

Share visual testimonials from previous events

Over the course of an event, you’ll capture a handful of killer comments. From sessions to keynote speeches to exit interviews, there is no shortage of materials to gather great content. Create simple graphic images with your favorite content to share on social media platforms. Make sure to cite the source of the comments so people are more likely to share their own content. Providing visual testimonials also builds trust and gives credibility to your event, highlighting the valuable content your event attendees will gain.

It’s important to experiment with a variety of social media promotion tactics to see what methods resonate with your target audience. Take note of strategies that do and don’t work well so you’ll be able to improve your future campaigns.