Marketers spend a significant amount of time and resources creating content and planning campaigns. For most marketers, the ultimate goal of these efforts is to generate new leads who will eventually turn into paying customers. Generating innovative, effective methods for attracting and converting qualified leads sounds simple enough but often proves difficult. The following details just a few key clever lead generation ideas for your next marketing campaign.

Offer meaningful content in exchange for email addresses

Providing an incentive greatly increases the chance that people will supply their contact information. Create content exclusive to email subscribers or offer popular content in a new format. For example, users may appreciate the ability to download a popular post in a PDF format. Adding the downloaders to your email list will drive more traffic to existing content and give them first crack at future downloads and other new content.

Make a video to solve a real-life issue

Instead of using video content to push your own agenda, use your knowledge and expertise to help customers solve a problem they face on a regular basis. Your video should be straightforward and entertaining, allowing them to reach the solution quickly and easily. For example, a video hosting and analytics company may want to create a video series aimed at organizations who would like to start shooting their own videos. If you aren’t sure what sort of video to create for your target audience, solicit ideas directly on social media.

Show what’s working for you

Social media has made transparency more important than ever. Customers want to feel that their favorite companies are approachable and aren’t hiding anything. For example, creating a quarterly revenue update lowers people’s guards, making them less suspicious of your supposed success. Aspiring companies will gain inspiration from your insight and may be able to avoid making the same mistakes.

Create a quiz

Offering a quiz on your website enables you to learn more about your potential customers while collecting their contact details. In turn, they gain valuable information about themselves. When you execute a quiz properly, you’ll bargain the result of the quiz for a new lead. For example, a college might create a quiz for prospective students to determine how their interests will help them select a major. Students begin to narrow down their majors, and the college may contact them to provide more information about the institution.

Collect and share success secrets from thought leaders

Sharing exclusive content from reputable thought leaders in your industry demonstrates that you’re committed to delivering valuable advice. Reach out to thought leaders who will be able to share widespread advice that will be applicable to a large segment of your target audience. Partnering with thought leaders is beneficial for both parties. Sharing interviews with thought leaders boosts credibility for your company. In turn, thought leaders gain valuable exposure.

Brainstorming lead generation ideas must be an ongoing effort to keep your campaigns fresh and engaging. Keep notes on your campaigns so you know which strategies to revisit and which strategies to ditch. When you think of an idea, right it down so you have ideas ready to go when you sit down to start planning a new campaign.